Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. specialize in providing  business insurance and service to care facilities in California.


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We at Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. are independent insurance advisors who specialize in providing customized business insurance packages and for employers with 2 to 50 employees in California. For more than ten years, the firm has been providing and implementing consistent business insurance solutions that impact small business owners. The insurance advisors at Protégé Insurance Brokers have dedicated themselves to be independent in assisting our clients to accomplish their business insurance and financial goals.


Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. specializes in providing commercial liability, auto, professional, property, umbrella, workers' compensation, employment practice liability (epl) insurance, and employee benefits, for business owners in care facilities such as Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), Adult Residential Care Facility (ARF), Home Healthcare Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities,  Independent Living Facilities, and Non-Profit Care Facilities, Group/Family Homes, Adult Day Care, Behavioral Health, and Skilled Nursing Home. By focusing exclusively on these markets, we are able to provide a team approach, consistent results, and expert advice tailored to your business situation and insurance needs.


As a team, Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. applies a consultative approach to assess our clients’ current situation before recommending the most appropriate business insurance and financial action plan. We believe that in order to have a productive business relationship, both Protégé Insurance Brokers and our clients must have constant and trusted communications. Our dedication in communication first begins when we are introduced to you, then when business insurance is placed, at policy renewals, and finally, at any time you need our services. Our consultative approach and commitment to constant communication are the keys to lead Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. to build meaningful and trusted worthy relationships with our clients.

Protégé Meaning

We named our company “Protégé” to reflect our philosophy and relationships with our clients and associates. Under the French definition, the word “Protégé” means to protect. When we apply this word to the insurance industry, we are protecting your business, properties and livelihood from unforeseen losses. The more common definition of “Protégé” is a person receiving support and advice from a mentor. We believe that our advisors and associates perform better through a supportive mentor/protégé relationship. We value this relationship deeply, thus we promote this culture and philosophy throughout our company. The mentor/protégé relationship continues with our clients. We believe during our relationship with our clients, we are both engaged in interchangeable roles of being a mentor and protégé. We are always a teacher and student to someone.

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