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Protégé Insurance Brokers finds, renews, and service your business insurance policy so you can focus on your ARF business.

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Business Insurance For Any Adult Residential Facility (ARF)

Whether its your first ARF location, expanding out, or in a special insurance circumstance, Protégé can find a business insurance policy tailored to your situation.

Various ARF Sizes

  • 1 - 6 Beds
  • 7 - 49 Beds
  • 50+ Beds

Different ARF Types

  • Level 1, 2 ,3 ,4a - 4i
  • Negotiated
  • Adult Residential Facility for Person with Special Health Care Needs (ARFSHPN)
  • Mentally Disabled (MD)
  • Developmentally Disabled (DD)
  • Group Home
  • Small Family Home

Special ARF Situations

  • Pending License
  • In Probation
  • Non-Renewal
  • Past Claims
  • Sale or Transfer


1 - 6 Beds

7+ Beds

50+ Beds

Multiple Locations

Sales or Transfer

Why Protégé?

How We Can Help

In the state of California, we specialize in providing business insurance to Adult Residential Facility (ARF), sometimes referred to as Mentally Disabled, Developmentally Disabled, or Group Homes. These facilities provide care in a 24 hour day non medical to adults between the ages of 18 to 59 with sever deficits in self-help skills, physical coordination and or disruptive or self-injurious behaviors. These facilities are licensed in the state of California by the Community Care Licensing Department (CCLD).


At Protégé Insurance Brokers, we understand how Adult Residential Facility (ARF) operations and what risk they are most expose to. We know budgets can be tight at times so that is why we shop around looking for insurance policies that meets your legal obligations while also meeting proper coverage for your facility.

Response to Covid-19

The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 has change the Adult Residential Facility (ARF) insurance industry by causing the insurance carriers to tighten their underwriting requirements. As a result, these insurance carriers are issuing non-renewals, exiting out of the market, and or increasing rates.


At Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc. we can find an insurance policy for your Adult Residential Facility (ARF) business so that you can concentrate on your residents, caregivers, and your business.

How Protégé Works

Receive unbiased quote recommendations. With Protégé, we look out for you, not the insurance companies.

You complete one of our simple applications to request a quote.

We then submit that application to multiple insurance carriers.

We receive the quotes and narrow down to the best options.

If you agree with one of our options, you can purchase the policy through us.

We then provide policy support from billing issues, certificates, claims, and more.

We'll check at every renewal to make sure you're getting the best rate.

Business Insurance

All the necessary coverages for your Adult Residential Facility (ARF) business in one place.

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See quotes you can trust, because we work directly with the insurance companies to get them for you.

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Start protecting your Adult Residential Facility (ARF) business with Protégé Insurance Brokers, Inc.

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Business Insurance for Any Adult Residential Facility (ARF)

Why Protégé?

How Protégé Works

Business Insurance

Our Partners

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