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What Are Employee Benefits?

Employee Benefits are company sponsored group medical plans, dental plans, vision plans, retirement plans, and fringe benefits offered to employees when they are associated to an employer. Employee Benefits are usually voluntarily provided by the employer to attract and retain good employee tenure. In a competitive labor market, a good employee benefits package can help an employer to stabilize and grow its work force.


A good Employee Benefits package will reflect both the employer's and employee' goals and objectives. When designing an Employee Benefits package, an advisor must consider the type of business, work force, wages, job descriptions, employee turnover, company budget, and employee participation. Within medical, retirement and fringe benefits plans, an employer has many options to choose from, thus a comprehensive assessment of the company's objectives is very important. Each benefit offered can be minimal or broad depending on how the employer chooses.


When an employer implements an Employee Benefits package (medical, retirement or fringe benefits), an employee must comply with such law as Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA is a federal law that sets the minimum requirements that an employer must comply when offering company sponsored retirement plans and health plans. This laws helps to protect the employees' rights. In addition, employer needs to comply with HIPAA and HIPPA Privacy Rules.

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Provides group benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance to eligible employees.

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