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How We Keep Your

Premium Down

Assess Current Business Situation

We strategize to build a reputable insurance record for your business in order to meet eligibility for insurance discounts.

Contact with Top Insurance Carriers

We specialize in your industry and are contract with top insurance carriers that can provide better pricing.

Annual Premium Comparison

We evaluate your insurance policy annually to adjust coverage if needed while looking for a better price option.

Review Policy & Coverage

We review your insurance coverage to make sure you are paying for what you only need.

Negotiate Rates

We insure many business likes your and have the negotiating power to lower your insurance premium.

Compare Multiple Insurance Quotes

We submit your insurance applications to multiple insurance carriers to look for the best price available.

Value Added Services Included

Not only do we provide the above price strategies, we offer additional services included with your policy.

Business Insurance Consultation

Claims Assistance

Compare & Negotiate Rates

Annual Renewal Review

Handle Billing Issues

Premium Audits

Trust by 700+ Facility Owners

95% Client Retentions

10+ Years of Experience

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