Provides coverage for both you and the staff that are accused of negligent act of professional services.

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What is Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)?

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI), also known as errors & omissions (E&O) depending on what profession, is a type of liability insurance that provides coverage to defend against negligence claim made by another party for consulting, professional advice, or services provided. This insurance covers an individual who is accused of failing to perform one's professional obligation, caused financial losses to other party, or lack of professional service. In many professions, Professional Liability Insurance is recommended, and sometimes, required before any contractual agreements between both parties, especially, medical or legal services.


In care facility, Professional Liability Insurance helps to protect allegations against owners, health care professionals, and caregivers when providing services to patients or clients. These services could include counseling services, supplying appropriate food, dispensing medications and care of patients. Depending on the insurance carrier and policy, legal costs could be included or excluded with the Professional Liability Limits. This is why Professional Liability Insurance is required for care facilities such RCFE, ARF, and Assisted Living and recommended for Home Health, Adult Day Care, and Behavioral Health.


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