We go beyond just an insurance policy. The only insurance brokerage that solves all your business insurance problems.

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Insurance Solutions Build For Your Facility

-  Business insurance Consultation

We apply a consultative approach to assess your business situation and insurance needs before recommending what is in your best interest. At times, we may recommend increase coverage or change limits; and at other times, to keep what you have.

-  Insurance Experts

We focus only on specific health care and social services industry. This gives us time and commitment to understand your business practice, insurance needs, business challenges, licensing issues, industry changes, and upcoming trends.

-  Handle All Policy Servicing

We provide assistance at all stage of insurance needs including application, submission, negotiation, certificates, billing issues, claims assistance, premium audit assistance, and renewals. We can handle any part of your insurance issues without you ever dealing with insurance carrier or related insurance issues.

-  Top Carrier Access

We represent both admitted and non-admitted carriers that specialize in your industry. This give you multiple options to compare.

-  Team Support

We have a dedicated team of licensed insurance professionals to handle any areas of your insurance needs. We constantly look for ways to improve your insurance experience.

And Saving You Time & Money.

As insurance professionals, we handle all aspects of your insurance needs whether you are starting, growing, or exiting out of your business. As our diagram shows, you can spend a minimum of 9+ hours to go through a typical insurance policy process, but may not get the results you envision. If you add policy changes, bulling issues, a claim, or premium audits, during the year, your hours spent could double to 18 or triple to 27 hours. Rather than spending countless hours and nor saving on any premium, let our proven insurance process do the legwork so that you can focus your time and energy on your business and family.

9+ Hours

Estimated Average Time Spent Per Policy

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Policy Changes

Billing Issues

Claims Issues

(10 - 20 Hours)

Research for Appropriate Insurance

(2+ Hours)

Review and Compare Quotes

(2+ Hours)

Completing Application and Follow Ups

(2+ Hours)

Provide Insurance Proof to 3rd Parties

(2+ Hours)

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